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Adriano Mendes de Carvalho

Adriano Mendes de Carvalho

Municipal Administrator of Icolo and Bengo, Luanda Angola                        
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Adriano Mendes de Carvalho was born in Luanda on 16 September 1959. He currently serves as the municipal administrator of Icolo and Bengo of Luanda, as of 2016. In 1984, he received his master’s in International Maritime Law and a bachelor’s degree in Public International Law while living in Warsaw, Poland.

He has served the MPLA since 1974, being elected for two consecutive terms by the MPLA Parliamentary Bench.

On 28 April 2016, he was elected Municipal Secretary of the MPLA in the Municipality of Icolo and Bengo. On 16 August 2016, he was elected Member of the Central Committee of the Party.

He is respected by his party for his disciplined and assiduous approach to protocol, hierarchy, and regulation within the party. For this, he has the great honour of serving as mayor of Angola’s capital.